1. Features

This simple plugin makes it possible to generate Xml sitemap (sometimes called Google sitemap) for your WordPress posts and pages. If number of items is less or equal to 50000 it creates one file called sitemap.xml in root of WordPress web page. If count of items is greater, it creates more sitemap files called sitemap1.xml, sitemap2.xml, sitemap3.xml, … and so on until nescesery count of files is reached. In this case it also creates file sitemap_index.xml in root of web containing all created sitemap files.

Sitemap generation can be started from main plugin page, which is accessible from menu item XML Sitemap, which is located directly in main admin bar, by click on Generate sitemap button.

2. Settings

Choice of files, which will be written to sitemap can be specified in settings. Settings are placed under Settings menu in WordPress, item XML Sitemap settings. User can set up any combination of posts and pages which will be included in sitemap. He may also choose which items to exclude by specifying list of slugs delimited by comma. This option works only if permalinks are set to post name in WordPress and plugin was also tested only with this WordPress option turned on!

3. Install

Installation is typical. You can choose whatever WordPress way. One way can be download zip file and unzip in /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Then activate plugin. The other ways use ftp server to upload zip file. This way is accessible from Plugins->Add new menu item, then Upload plugin and then activate plugin.

4. License

This software is freeware. Author is not adding any restriction to use of this software.

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